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Why Mature Gentlemen Chose Younger Women ...

There is no escape from the influence of media and society of the 21st century. There is hardly any movie that does not feature a relationship between an older gentleman and a younger lady. Online dating and lifestyle platforms on the Internet take advantage of this trend and specialise in providing services to this particular target group. The match younger women - mature men is booming more than ever.

“It is no wonder, that the number of men over 50 looking for younger women is increasing,” says John Wittenhall, Couple Therapists and Life Coach. “We live in a century, where we are more focused on our careers. Medicine is constantly improving, people life longer and the career possibilities are better and our work life becomes more important than our family life. Men don’t want children when they are 30 anymore, they want to enjoy their life and their business opportunities before they settle down”.

Wittenhall explained that by the time men are ready to settle down and establish a family, most women their age are already married, have children, etc. A younger woman is therefore the savvier choice.

Of course, having children is not the only reason why mature men chose younger ladies. Among many reasons is also a slightly more superficial one: beauty. Young women are beautiful and their bodies are in their prime. Such a young lady is therefore – let’s call a spade a spade – a fabulous accessory. It certainly makes a good impression to present oneself with a beautiful young woman, no matter if it’s a business dinner, a high society party, or a private holiday. Furthermore, older men feel that a younger woman understands them better, explains John Wittenhall: “Mature men often have the feeling, that women their age don’t truly understand their needs. It starts with the sex life and it ends with the organisation of the private life at home. Especially men who came out of a relationship with a woman their age, say after a divorce or so, criticised the issues their ex partner considered as utterly important, which caused disagreements in their every day life. Examples are things like housekeeping, children, next big shopping, new furniture, health issues, and a lack of sexual and social interaction. Surely, all those things are important, but men don’t want them to gain the upper hand in their lives. ”

Some might argue that issues like that arise in every relationship after a certain amount of years, and that one would have to change partners every to two years or so to avoid this happening. Fair enough, but it is a fact, that young women attach greater importance to other things than the above. They look into the future with enthusiasm and positivity, they are dealing with the question whether and when to face motherhood, they are active and full of fresh energy and ideas. “No matter how old they are, men are constantly seeking for a challenge, and the chances to find that in a younger lady are simply higher.” says Wittenhall.

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