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Dating Mature Men is Good for the Mature Younger Woman

If someone boldly told you that dating a handsome, young, financially broke, immature man was a good decision, because you were the same age, you would laugh. But so many young women settle for just that! They avoid the mature guy because they are attracted to his energy and certain external features even though the mature young woman hasn't met or remained in a relationship with a guy her own age in years!

There is nothing wrong with the mature young woman being more selective, than most women, when it comes to picking her date. She is looking beyond age and lifestyle, she is asking herself, "What more can a man give me, besides the typical like, material things and sex?" If she is intelligent, appreciates the finer things in life, communicates on a level that would make a young man feel small, why not seek someone who can identify with her mindset, mannerisms, and lifestyle? The mature gentleman may not look like the ideal guy she should be posing with in a photograph, but if he is a match, she might as well take a chance on him.

Unlike immature women, mature women know what they want out of life, enjoy learning more about self in addition to that special someone in their lives. They have little time and patience for silly men, whether young or old, who find things like, insulting others and foolish television watching the highlight of their days.

Being with someone older is beneficial because it challenges one to grow in every area of his or her life. However, if there is no connection, regardless of age, it just won't work. The relationship will be like someone trying to take a square peg and stick it in a round hole. The most challenging age gap relationships are those where two very different individuals try to make the relationship work just because some said, "He/she just isn't right for you." Criticism has its place, but not before you have been given the chance to get to know the individual.

Naysayers' disapproval.

The negative and critical individuals around the young lady will talk. Some may not like her choice in an older man, because they worry about her safety and are concerned that he might bring his own baggage into the relationship. They don't want to see their loved one's youth wasted on a man who may overwhelm his partner with his unfinished business of yesteryear; therefore, they may not encourage her to see someone 10 plus years her senior. On the other hand, others might be supportive, but also uncomfortable with the age difference because they might be the same age or close to it. For some people, they don't like the idea that a daughter, sister, niece, or cousin is involved with someone who could be the young woman's father. The more the young woman talks about her older beau and brings him around her loved ones, the more comfortable concerned loved ones will become with the idea that the young woman is dating the older man. During this time period of all parties getting to know one another, the couple must exercise self control and respect for one another and those around them.

Learning more, staying positive.

When the young woman has found someone that she really connects with emotionally, spiritually, and physically, she will focus on what she likes about him even when things aren't going so well. The dating experience is a great opportunity to eliminate those individuals who may be all show, but no go. The mature young woman will question the older man on things like, what he likes and doesn't like about her thus far, why does he bother to date, what has his experience been like dating others, what are his plans for a future relationship and what has he done so far to ensure that he has a great relationship in the future? As she learns more about the older gentleman, she will compare the good and the bad and determine whether her date is worth her time.

Most women who do well in this sort of relationship are those who have great confidence in self and love who they are and will become both in and out of the relationship. They don't worry much about their older partners, because the two have created a bond. Yet, many couples tend to break up, because they never felt truly connected to one another and wasn't very happy with themselves prior to meeting. They had hoped someone would come along and rescue them out of their misery.

Work to build a strong connection.

The more one knows about her date, the more likely she will find that her feelings will deepen for her partner. When this happens, it will seem as if outside influences will attempt to stop love from flowing with their emphasis typically being placed on age. There will be those age related challenges in time, but one must keep his or her mindset focused on what really matters to him or her when it comes to finding and keeping one's partner.

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Dating Mature Men is Good for the Mature Younger Woman

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