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Dating Younger Women: a Boost in a Mature Man's Energy and Purpose

What was it about the young woman that made the gentleman just stare in awe? She had become the apple of his eye. Her beauty revitalized him. Her energy gave him hope in an otherwise mundane lifestyle. She provided a new meaning to what it truly meant to live! For the older gentleman, the freshness of a new relationship was just what he needed.

This is what it feels like for some mature gentleman when dating young women. The attention starved, bored, or even the heartbroken want lovely, kind younger women who know how to please to bless them with their presence. These love-struck men find the young women's vivacity for just living in the moment alluring. They are motivated to be in a relationship with women who don't remind them about how old they are, what responsibilities they need to take care of, and how much more money needs to be spent on yet another thing for the house, car, children, etc. To be in a relationship with one his own age or older can be a turn off, because there is nothing new under the sun. There is no balance in the relationship. Life responsibilities, including the children, become the foundation of the relationship which slowly crumbles with every challenge.

Health concerns can distract love from growing and when a mature man has had to go through his share of anger outbursts with a menopausal woman, who has neglected her health, he has little patience for disputes, hot flashes, fluctuating appetites, mood swings, etc. He hopes that the younger women he dates are attentive to their bodies, healthy and emotionally stable.

A mature man, who still has much vigor, has spent decades doing things like: molding and shaping himself through family relations, career development, connecting with friends, studying books, watching television programming, traveling, and more. He has worked hard to accomplish goals and has dreams of doing more with his life. He views his new partner as someone who will be supportive of his life, because she too is actively doing the same things. The older man may seek to change careers, relocate, or do other things that a woman his own age or older, who is accustomed to his personality, might object to. A new date entering the middle-aged man's life doesn't know him that well to say much of anything about his new pursuits. She will welcome the new man, because she has no experience with the old man.

Unfortunately, dating younger women can be like a sport for some men, they may change from one day, week, or month to the next, in their selections. Reducing these young women down to nothing more than a game will eventually cause many problems for some men. People can become emotionally tied to one another resulting in heavy arguments or worse physical violence when intentions are not clearly defined and reiterated. A mature man dating younger women merely for companionship and sex will have to be specific as to what he wants and what he is willing to give during the dating phase-nothing more and nothing less.

Men who have dated younger women most often speak positively about their experiences. They know that they must be patient, honest, and caring so as to keep attracting younger women. However, there are those who don't have good experiences, because they are unwilling to do the kind of things to keep women interested in them. Once a gentleman makes up in his mind what he wants and how he is going to go about getting it, he will find that his renewed sense of purpose is only but a phone call away.

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