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For the Mature Men: How to Meet Younger Women Online

There is a lot said in a photo and when a young woman posts her image online, she is telling the world how she feels about herself and what she wants others to think of her. The eyes are indeed the window to the soul. Therefore, when a man sees yet another attractive face, he needs to know how to contact her online in a way that peaks her interest and moves her to want to know more about the mysterious male who has taken a moment out of his busy day to think of her.

Most young women have some idea what to expect when dating older men in general, but what they don't always pick up on is the gentleman who stands out among the rest. You will need to be that unique guy who has spent some time learning how to relate to young women online.

Find out what are the popular sites young women like to read or spend time.

Visit some of the sites to get caught up on some of the latest current event pieces that have young women buzzing or the games they enjoy playing. By reading the website content, you can get a good idea of the kind of things that many women enjoy viewing in their personal time. You can use what you learn later to stimulate an interesting conversation with that special lady even if she isn't one for reading much or watching television.

Register with a reputable dating website.

You can find out which sites are better than others simply by putting the names of popular websites in the search engines and checking review sites, forums, and video web pages. Start by connecting with one of the sites linked to this page. You will find that many of the individuals registered at this site are legitimate and are very much interested in meeting someone like you.

Create an appealing profile.

Write about yourself like you talk. Instead of creating something that sounds like a bio for a speaking engagement, be a tad-bit creative. Consider when one tells a story, the story-teller adds a bit of humor and drama to keep one engaged. Depending on the reaction the person might be going for, there may be some mystery in the story as well to stimulate conversation, questions and reaction.

Don't write all your interests in your profile and avoid mentioning details about your job. Save the personal chat about what you don't like or won't put up with for in-person chat and not posted on your profile. You want people to find you likeable, not a control freak who might just be the problem that he hopes others are not. Also, your profile isn't the place to broadcast all your wishes and "how much you really want…and how I hope that someone will be everything that I ever wanted…" it makes you sound desperate. For instance, a wish for marriage is nice, but a strong disapproval of having children one day, well that is a little too much information too soon especially in a dating profile summary.

Share something interesting about yourself like hobbies you enjoy doing like watching XYZ show and how you would love to have a companion to sit by your side. Another example might be, tell how you found the dating site after surfing all around the Internet and your hope to find someone who likes….and has a look that is… mention the kind of woman you seek and what you hope to experience with her like visiting ABC place and hanging out at XYZ.

Post solo photos that make you look approachable, not tough. A nice smile will do or a happy grin. Select about 3 to 5 photos where you are standing and sitting. Be sure that they are recent, taken within the past year. Don't try to look like someone you are not. If you don't typically dye your hair, don't. If you have a weight issue, don't hide it. If there are some noticeable flaws about you, then pose just enough so that a potential date can see them, but not so much that it makes everyone who comes to your page click off.

Above everything else, when someone does make contact with you, take your time responding back until you are sure your first message is written in a way that moves your potential date to want to keep writing to you. Always thank the person for reaching out to you. Mention that you read her profile then find something in it that is similar to your interests. Your first message should be about four sentences or less. You don't want to put everything about you in a first email and you definitely don't want to bore your potential date with a lot of information. Build on each email and to keep the conversation lively, ask open-ended questions that are simple and touch on things like, what might be your friend's typical routine, what are weekends like for her, what does she like to do fun online?" Avoid making statements that are insulting, crass, or advertises you are only interested in sex. Also, stay away from statements that mention age. She knows she is young and you know you are mature, it isn't necessary to create cliché statements about your years.

When you are respectful, polite, and respond in a way that you sincerely want to get to know your future date, she just might want to keep talking to you.

Create a list of questions to ask your potential date.

In between each conversation, think of things to ask your online date. You will want to get a good idea about her personality before you meet her. So you will mention something that happened to you and what you did. You might want to test her to see what she would have done in a similar situation. Does she typically have days where she is happy one moment and sad the next and doesn't know why? This is a good way to find out if she has any personality disorders. Each email you always want to ask how she is doing in different ways and if anything happened that made her happy, sad, etc. But phrase the questions within the body of your text and change them up in different emails.

Notice how she responds and if she is often talking about material assets and what someone has done for her or what she expects others to do for her, you have yourself a gold-digger. She most likely will bring up information about things like: where you work, how much money you make, where do you like to travel, and she may even list some expensive places she likes to shop and eat. All of this "rich" talk is to find out if you can afford her.

You will also want to ask about her job and seek information about how others react to her. Find out what she likes and doesn't like about it. In time, mention a story about a relative and ask her something related to your story to find out how she deals with situations good, bad and otherwise. The more you share about yourself, the more open she will be about telling you things about herself and life.

Look for sentence structure that doesn't make sense, misspelled words, ramblings, and anything that appears odd in her dialogue. Check your own writings to be sure you aren't coming off as sounding odd, pompous, or uneducated in your emails. Although you might be interested in the lovely young person, keep in mind that not everyone online is what they appear to be. Research her name and find out if she has profiles on other sites. If you have learned things like city, state, include that information as well. If she mentions a sibling's name, look up that person. You want to learn as much as you can to determine whether you are talking to a real person or not.

Plan to meet her.

When you feel comfortable that the person you are chatting with online is someone worth getting to know, you will gradually talk about wanting to meet her one day. You might want to make plans weeks in advance rather than quickly, simply because you don't want her to feel pressured about meeting you. Be sure to give her enough contact information so that she knows you too are a genuine person. Pick a public place for the two of you to meet rather than at your residences. Remember you don't know her that well and she doesn't know you, so it is better to be overly cautious then to provide so much information about residence and workplace that you end up having a real problem on your hands later.

Meeting women online isn't difficult. Whether you meet them on a dating website or somewhere else around the web, always be sure you are never disrespectful, rude, or sound arrogant in your letters. Know that some women will keep what you have written and they might show it to relatives and friends to see what they think. So write in a way that you would never shame yourself or family if what you wrote was ever read aloud.

To your success in finding someone worthwhile!

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