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How to Date Younger Women

When one is interested in dating a young woman, he must first know this is what he truly wants. Some older men are unsure, because they permit others to put doubts in their minds about dating someone decades younger. They also think about others' experiences dating young women, and if those stories were bad, they tend to expect the worse for themselves. One must put off negativity and think positively when dating young women.

The media presents younger women as playful, exciting, immature, and highly sexual, but the reality is that many young women don't necessarily look or act like what one sees on a screen. This is why it is important to cast off stereotypes and fantasies. View a young woman as she appears to be when in her presence. Some are serious, smart, quiet, shy, dull, wild, mentally challenged, caring, honest, affectionate, and polite. There will always be something that you won't like about dating someone younger especially if they have little experience dating mature men. So be prepared.

Visit places both on and offline that present opportunities for you to observe women, converse with them, and hopefully land a date. For instance, you wouldn't want to go to a website that is more a headache then a help. You will want to be able to view and upload photos with ease and send and receive messages freely. When meeting women offline, you will want to go to places where you don't have to compete with a room full of other men. Some places worth checking out would be: churches, weddings, reunions, family events, colleges, malls, fitness centers, and parks.

What you don't know, might hurt the possibility of you dating younger women. Let's say, that you meet a young woman on the street, you give her your business card, ask for her phone number, and then sometime that same day, you call. The phone conversation is nice, but you realize you have talked so much about yourself, that you can't remember much about her. The time comes to go out on a date and you realize that she isn't having a good time, why? Consider that this was yet another opportunity to learn about your young friend and you spent most of that time talking about yourself. The chances you will see her again will have decreased drastically. She will tell her friends something like, "He just loved talking about himself…I didn't get a chance to say much about myself and he wouldn't have cared anyway. He just wanted to go out with me in the hopes to have sex."

Men should also be aware that young women don't want to be questioned about being in a committed relationship during the early part of the dating phase. They also don't want to share details about ex-boyfriends and their children. Young women prefer not to talk about having sex while her date looks at her chest and other private areas in the hopes that one day soon he will get to touch them. Young women are definitely turned off when they see their dates giving other women a double-take with their eyes or blatantly staring at them. They don't like flirtatious talk that sounds as if their older date is putting on an act to be cool, smooth or the debonair type. Sometimes sneaky men will follow this action with a gentle rub on a woman's back or leg. It would be wise that a man keep his hands to himself.

Some mature men forget that young women want to be heard, so they don't want their dates talking to them as if they are teachers or preachers; this sort of behavior will definitely cause the young ladies to lose interest. Negative comments or those that are meant to be funny, but really sound insulting will also make some women visibly angry. Some may have come from homes where parents had little time to listen to them, were at times mean-spirited and preferred to bark orders. The last thing a young woman wants is to be dating someone who reminds her of her parents. Pay close attention to how much talking you are doing, what you are saying, and remember to take a pause so as to hear what the young lady has to say.

Find out more about her.

The more you know about the young woman, the better off you are. You can then formulate questions about her likes, dislikes, and plans for the future. You can also share with her about your interests and the things you don't like. When you speak about yourself, you put her at ease to open up about who she is and what she wants out of life. It is impressive to a young woman when an older man is attentive to her conversation.

Offer her something.

Let's face it; no one gets involved with a person, place or thing unless it is giving him or her something in return. If you really like being around the young woman, then you will make the most of your time with her. Make memorable dates. Listen closely to the type of atmospheres she enjoys being in, what she likes to do while there, and what are her favorite foods and beverages. Ask her about snacks as well. At some point during the date, surprise her with her favorite munchies. Although a small gesture it is thoughtful and she will remember you because of it. She will think, "Wow, he really listened to me when I told him I like…"

Make plans for future times together.

During the date mention you like her company and look forward to dating her again. Find out days and times she is available and ask her for input on where to go next time or create a surprise of your own. Dating a younger woman is no different than dating any other woman, if you are confident in who you are, genuinely like going out on dates, and plan for a good time, then you have nothing to fear!

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