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Older Men and Younger Women Relationships Have Their Share of Challenges

It all sounds good when you decide to date someone younger or older-- that is until you have put in many years with that person. People change over time and so do their interests. What might have been good for one another in the past isn't always good now. If you have been dating someone younger or older for a long time, you may be experiencing some feelings about the person that aren't necessarily all that good. Patience grows thin, irritable moments increase, and he or she doesn't look, act or feel like the person you were once attracted. Why is that? Well, sometimes what one feels doesn't have anything to do with the person in their life, but everything to do with body, stress, and external activities that can get the best of anyone.

Lack of Energy

How much sleep are you really getting these days and is it quality rest? If you don't sleep well, it will affect how you react to those around you. Find herbal supplements and/or vitamins to reenergize you throughout the day. Go to bed sooner. Arise earlier. After you have practiced the same sleep routine for sometime, see if anything changes in your personality. If not, blame it on age. If you are a young woman with an older man, know that he will have moments when he is tired and prefers the sofa over going out to yet another event.

Too Much Energy

Sometimes younger people are the ones who are often going here, there and everywhere. If one who is older isn't use to much activity, he may become a bit irritated that he can't keep up. He may even try to get the young woman to slow down. However, sometimes people have personality disorders that will affect their bodies in such a way that they can be too energetic, talkative, and even appear wild or crazy. Age differences will bring out the pros and cons in being together and one of the cons is one being more active than the other, so if you date younger, get use to it!

Different Sexual Drives

Sex will change especially if the mature gentleman is not taking anything for a rollercoaster ride of an erection. Sex may also be impacted if a young woman has difficult menstrual cycles. The couple will have to be understanding during times when things just aren't working. Age is sometimes a factor and other times, it's simply health issues. It happens to the best of them! Talk about the challenges when they arise and do what you can to shorten their stay.

Family Issues

There will be those times when family will say and do things they shouldn't. When family issues increase, it's always better to back off from visiting when you can, ignore phone calls, and whatever else you need to do. If one's relationship means a lot to him or her, then the person will do what is best to protect it. Sometimes it may mean cutting people off.

Maturity Levels Vary

When dating younger or older, there is a difference in maturity. Some men are very mature while others are not and the same holds true for young women as well. At times, the maturity levels will collide. He is trying to articulate a point that he is obviously has more knowledge about, while she isn't much interested in listening to her mature partner. Expect this sort of thing to happen every now and again, dating someone older or younger can be a challenge and sometimes age does matter.

Desires Change

The couple may have started dating one another during a life change. It could have been brought on by mid-life crises, rejection, or some other life event that occurred prior to meeting one another. What may have been right at the time, has a way of changing. When this happens, one must realize that interests will change especially if one is much younger and feels as if she has her whole life ahead and isn't much interested in settling down.

When you know that things aren't going so well, talk about them with your partner. Find out what the two of you can do differently. If after some time has passed and things only seem to be getting worse, then most likely it is time to call it quits.

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