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The Older Man Who Dates Younger Women Thinks Outside the Box

When you meet a gentleman who has a young woman on his arm, know that there are some aspects about his personality that are different than most men. He isn't interested in the status quo, what people think or concerned much about the who, what and why that draws young women to him. He knows that his charm, wit, sense of humor, material wealth, and how well he takes care of himself are obvious lures. There is a lot that can be said about the man who is very selective about the company he keeps. The young woman is more than just arm candy, she represents a part of who he is that the whole world can see.

Open to new ideas.

The gentleman is alive, ready to benefit from yet something else new and different. A vibrant young woman brings about a difference in an ordinary life. Her mere presence in the gentleman's world says, "I'm not like the rest of these old guys out there, I am constantly evolving. I am willing to listen to those who are much younger than me and learn from them."

Travel around, find new interests.

A mature man knows that if he is going to date younger, he will have to be open to doing some new things. When the world watches the couple, they see two different people who must have some common interests in order to close that age gap just a bit. The older man is viewed as one who most likely doesn't stay home, but enjoys getting out and about (more than those his own age) since most young people don't have sedentary lifestyles.

No worries over challenges.

If the man was the type that was fearful about what others thought about him dating younger, he would most likely keep his partner at home. However, a man who doesn't worry about public opinion will boldly show off his young date. He most likely is audacious in his other pursuits as well.


Quite a turn on to a young woman is the senior male's confidence. When one notices the couple, they most likely see how comfortable they are together. The elder gentleman finds his companion quite suitable to be on his arm which conveys to those who know him a nonchalant attitude once again about what others think about his decision-making.

Free spirited.

The gentleman doesn't want the traditional lifestyle; he made it plain when he selected a younger mate to put on display for the world to see. Upon closer inspection of his life, one most likely will see where his free spirit enjoys being independent. He is not bound by any systems and isn't looking to win supporters when it comes to his personal life choices. He is content being himself.

Without putting rigid limitations on his relationship choices, the mature male is able to discover more about his likes and dislikes in a mate. Perceptive onlookers pretty much know what his personality type is and will either embrace it or avoid it. The mature male who dates younger women must know that his preference in a partner may or may not be well-received by all, but whatever the experience, if he thinks outside the box, what does he care?

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