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When the Older Man is ready to marry the Younger Woman

He is happy, in love, and appreciative of this jaw-dropping beauty that has entered his life. He has a new perspective on living. He seems to be more engaged with everyone around him. People are taking notice of how his face lights up when his date's name is mentioned. He plans for a future with his lovely lady friend and she welcomes it adding a few thoughts of her own. Together they are and together they will be.

Does this seem far-fetched, a relationship where an older man decades older actually enjoys dating a younger woman and is willing to commit to her? Well, after much dating, some older men will settle down. They will give love a try once again. When the older gentleman is ready to commit he will do any number of things to let her know he is serious about her.

Share his concerns with her.

Conversations that might have once been playful and light-hearted become more in-depth and heart-felt. He is asking the young woman about her personal feelings about him. He wants to know what her plans are for the future. He finds out what she thinks about him. The older man hopes that his future partner really loves him beyond what he can do for her.

Tell her that he wants to marry her.

When the conversation about marriage comes up, he is ready to listen and share. He may not say much other than the most significant things that matter and leave the rest of their verbal exchange up to her. He will be watching her reaction, checking for sincerity, and expecting many positives to roll off her tongue.

Express his love and/or adoration for her to others.

At some point during the courtship, he will have already talked to someone about his feelings, but if not, he will start telling others and to that, they will say when the young woman is by his side things like, "He really loves you…He speaks so well of you…Congratulations…I am so glad he found someone like you…"

Save money.

The love-struck man will take great care to save money for things like the rings, wedding planning, and more. He will want his future wife to be happy. He knows that if she is content, he will be. He may at times appear stressful, act very cautious with money, and say and do other things that might offend, but this because he really wants to be sure that all expenses will be covered.
Assist with wedding planning.

Some men will play a part in the planning of the event, others will not. But whatever the couple chooses to do, the future husband will want to know something about the event because he might have a moment or two of having cold feet. The young woman will need to remain calm, sweet and polite through the process so as not to turn he beau off.

Work longer hours.

Some future husbands might increase work hours especially if a baby is on the way. He knows that his commitment to his wife also includes taking care of her and ensuring that she has no worries over finances. Rather than worry about her mature fiancé's behavior, she should be supportive and encourage him. When he shares how he feels about things, good or bad, the young woman might want to be a good listener and respond if need be. Working long hours can become stressful and affect one's personality.

Spend time seeking a new residence, if needed.

If the older man should want to get a home together, the young woman may want to consider it. This is another good sign that he wants something that the pair can call their own.

If you find that an older date is showing these signs and more, search your heart, know that you want the same things as well and your relationship will flourish!

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