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Younger Women Seeking Older Men: What More to Know?

Dates seem to be going along just great. Hopes are high about what the future might hold. However, there is still much more to learn about these younger women who seek older acquaintances especially if one hopes to land a partner one day. Therefore, what more should a mature gentleman find out about his younger companion?

1. What brings her back to the dating scene?

Assuming that she has left for a time, why? Is it because she plans to catch a man and keep him, was she lonely or depressed? Whatever her reason you can infer from it that she might expect to have a relationship one day.

2. What does she find attractive about dating older?

Is it the maturity, financial security, the way you look, where you live, or the power behind your name? By asking her this question in a general way, you will find out some information as to why she is dating you.

3. Why is she not dating men her own age or younger?

Is there something about the young woman that even young men stay far away from. Notice her mannerisms, how she expresses herself, and other things about her behavior and her explanation. You will learn a lot about whether this woman might one day be a potential headache. Follow up with questions about her experiences dating men her own age and what she liked and didn't like about them and probe about any disputes she may have had with them. What did one of her dates say he didn't like about her? This will help you determine what things might be like in the future if you should continue to date her especially if she still has feelings for an ex-boyfriend.

4. How does she like her dating experience so far with you?

Does she appear bored, disinterested, or unhappy when you ask this question? If so, cut your losses early.

5. How are things coming along at work?

By asking this question, you get a glimpse of how she relates to co-workers, what she likes or doesn't like about working, and whether or not she expects to quit her job one day in the hopes that you will take care of her.

6. What is her relationship like with parents and siblings?

If she has an active relationship with relatives, then she may be easy to get along with and a blessing to her family. However, if she talks about how they don't get along, distant, and she resents them, she may or may not be to blame for the lack of relationship, but be cautious. This information will help you see where you may or may not fit in her life and what might a personal relationship with her might look like in the future. Family relations are powerful, they can make or break a friendship depending on how close one is or isn't to his or her family.

7. Does she hope to one day marry, have children, relocate, etc.

Know that a woman who envisions a future with a husband and children isn't going to quit dreaming, no matter how much her partner says, "I don't know if I'm ready for this…" If the idea of being a husband or father is a sure turn-off for you then don't waste the young woman's time, move on.

Keep in mind, when you think about in-depth questions to ask the young woman, you get a good idea where you stand in the relationship and you can almost forecast what the future might look like being with her. Best wishes!

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